Our distillery opened in June 2017, and while our gin is already available to buy locally and from this website; rum, sloe gin and cassis are all in the making, and will be available soon.

Badachro Gin

Badachro Gin

An authentic gin from the Scottish Highlands

Badachro Gin is available in 70cl bottles, and also available in 50cl and 10cl bottles.

The label reflects the purity of the land, mountains and water around Badachro, the clarity of the sky and the copper of our still, Delilah.

Sloe Gin is in the making for this winter and Cassis (Blackcurrant) is maturing and will be added to the product range once ready. Some things just can’t be rushed (another west Highland tradition – not rushing anything and giving life and processes all the time required)!


Our Storm Strength Gin

Badachro Gin 57° Storm Strength is a full flavoured, high strength version of the well know Badachro Gin, both of which have been recently shortlisted as finalists in the 2018 Scottish Gin Awards. Originally created for cocktail use, it’s becoming rather popular for making a flavour packed and ‘turbo-charged’ gin & tonic!

Rum from Badachro Distillery

Coming soon enough will be our Spiced Rum, flavoured with vanilla, cloves, cinnamon and more, and Dark Rum, ageing in traditional oak barrels. Again, not to be rushed.